MVC: September 29, 2009 Tractor Trailer over I99 embankment

At approximately 2:45 AM, Pleasant Gap Fire and EMS was alerted to a motor vehicle collision, at the 900 Block of Axeman road.

Engine Rescue 814, Rescue 818, Medic 24, BLS units 850 and 852 arrived on scene to find a tractor trailer off of Interstate 99 (100 foot drop) off of the median to Axeman Road below.

Crews from Engine/Rescue 814 and Rescue 818 Assisted EMS with patient extrication and packaging. The patients were transported to Mt. Nittany Medical Center.

Units on scene:
Engine-Rescue 814, Rescue 818, Medic 24, BLS 850, BLS 852, Spring Township PD, Bellefonte PD, Pennsylvania State Police, and Fire Police Units

Thanks: Gun Raffle 9/19/2009

Thanks to all who attended the annual gun raffle held on September 19th.

*Winners Listed Below*

| *Prize Number* | *Prize* | *Winner* |
|1.| Remington 700 SPS SS 300 WSM| Robin Capparelle |
|2.|S&W Sigma .40 SW40VE| Adam Smith |
|3.|Benelli Nova BLI 2000 Black Syntetic| John Q. Adams |
|4.|Weatherby Vanguard Syn Stock .30-06| Mark Robbins |
|5.|$200 Cash| Steve McCormick |
|6.|Remington 700 SPS 270| John Rearick|
|7.|Henry Lever Action .22 LR Walnut| John T. Pressler|
|8.|Traditions Deer Hunter .50 Cal Hardwood Flintlock| Pete Ariconi|
|9.|Savage Package Series 111 FCXP3 with Scope .30-06| Steve Besecker|
|10.| $200 Cash| Calvin Brown |
|11.| US Sporting Goods fire arms Over/Under 410/22 LR| Rob Reardon|
|12.| Remington 870 Express 12 ga. Syn. Camo Mossy Oak| John I. Stoner|
|13.| Savage 93 G .22 Mag Blue / Wood| Bill Rockey|
|14.| Ruger GP 100 blued .357| Shannon Allison|
|15.| $200 Cash| Michael P. McClenanhan|
|16.| New England Firearms Youth Handi-Rifle SB2-Y43 .243| James Parsons III|
|17.| Mossberg 835 Ultra-Mag 12 ga. 3/12″ Woodlands Camo| Sydney Hockenberry|
|18.| Remington 700 SPS varmit 22-250| Thomas Hockenberry|
|19.| Savage 93E17FV .17HMR| Jeff Lucas|
|20.| $200 Cash| Anthony Brunetta|
|21.| S & W 22 LR Semi-Auto Model 22 A|William L. Anderson|
|22.| Thompson Center Omega .50 Cal. Syn.| Rich Mitcheltree|
|23.| Marlin 336 W/S 30-30 w/ 3×9 Scope| Ed Seyler|
|24.| Remington 7600 m Syn. .30-06| Kevin Mishock|
|25.| $200 Cash| Steve Stem|

Drawings from the Day Of

Chimnea — Diane Ault
Hi / Low Game .50 Cal in line — Ed Wetzel
Trail Camera — Ed Seyler
50/50 Ed Seyler
50/50 Dave Packer
50/50 Zack Robbins

PGFD Gun Raffle

September 19, 2009

Come on out to the PGFD Gun Raffle to be held at our Carnival grounds 475 Robinson Lane, Pleasant Gap

Some tickets remain and will be available the day of the raffle for the price of $10 each, or, see a Pleasant Gap Volunteer before the raffle.

Specialized Rescue: 5-September-2009

Around 9:38 PM, Pleasant Gap Fire Company was alerted by Centre County Dispatch for a specialized rescue, for a person trapped within a cave. Company 8 units responded, and sent in a crew of 3 to investigate. The patient was found about 150 feet into the cave, and stuck 15 feet down into a crevice. With the assistance of members from Company 5 (Alphas), rigging was setup, and the patient was successfully and safely removed from the cave. Units operated for approximately 3 Hours.

Units on the box:
Engine / Rescue 814, Rescue 818, BLS Ambulance 852, Utility 822, Alpha Fire Director Steve Bair, Alpha Chief Stan Clouser, 2522 (Wilderness EMS).
Command: Chief 800

Special thanks to Spring Township, for use of the police utility vehicle.

Upcoming: Gun Raffle

There is still a chance to get tickets, see a Pleasant Gap Fire Volunteer Today!!!

Join us September 19, 2009 at our Carnival ground (475 Robinson Lane, Pleasant Gap) 12:00 Noon.
This years ticket is $10, for a chance at:

1. Remington 700 SPS SS 300 WSM
2. S&W Sigma .40 SW40VE
3. Benelli Nova BLI 2000 Black Syntetic
4. Weatherby Vanguard Syn Stock .30-06
5. $200 Cash
6. Remington 700 SPS 270
7. Henry Lever Action .22 LR Walnut
8. Traditions Deer Hunter .50 Cal Hardwood Flintlock
9. Savage Package Series 111 FCXP3 with Scope .30-06
10. $200 Cash
11. US Sporting Goods fire arms Over/Under 410/22 LR
12. Remington 870 Express 12 ga. Syn. Camo Mossy Oak
13. Savage 93 G .22 Mag Blue / Wood
14. Ruger GP 100 blued .357
15. $200 Cash
16. New England Firearms Youth Handi-Rifle SB2-Y43 .243
17. Mossberg 835 Ultra-Mag 12 ga. 3/12″ Woodlands Camo
18. Remington 700 SPS varmit 22-250
19. Savage 93E17FV .17HMR
20. $200 Cash
21. S & W 22 LR Semi-Auto Model 22 A
22. Thompson Center Omega .50 Cal. Syn.
23. Marlin 336 W/S 30-30 w/ 3×9 Scope
24. Remington 7600 m Syn. .30-06
25. $200 Cash

Additional prizes the day of the drawing

Gates open at 11:00 AM
Drawing Noon – 4:00 PM
You Need not be present to win
Food and Beverages will be provided Sorry, No Carry Out
Must have a ticket to enter the carnival grounds.
Must be 21 to enter.
No Guests
No Pets

Guns may be exchanged for store credit. All items are subject to manufacturer availability. Winner is responsible for PA Instant check. Additional prizes the day of the drawing.
Small game of chance license # 3032.
Guns provided by Bob’s Army and Navy store (814) 765.4652
Winner must contact Bob’s Army And Navy within 30 Days of notification. Unclaimed prizes become the property of the Pleasant Gap Fire Company.

Older Calls

Prior Calls: 2008 | 2007 | 2006
Thanks: 08/18/2009 Wal-Mart Benner Pike

The Pleasant Gap Fire Company would like to thank Wal-mart (Benner Pike) for their donation of $1,500. This helps
us to maintain the level of fire protection and life safety in Pleasant Gap.
The pictures below are of Fire Chief Gary Royer Accepting the donation from Wal-Mart Manager Bill Frantz,
and Trustee / Wal-Mart Co-Manager Rick Sherretz.

Mutual Aid: MVC 8/17/2009

Around lunch time on Monday, Pleasant Gap Fire was alerted by Centre County Communications to assist company 4 (Centre Hall)
with a Motor Vehicle Collision on Brush Valley Raod. Engine / Rescue 814 responded and assisted Company 4 with patient
extracation and packaging. Units remained on scene for approximately 30 minutes.

Carnival 25-Jul-2009

Thank you to everyone who supported our parade and carnival, despite the poor weather this year.

Training: 24-June-2009: Rope Rescue Class

Members of Company 8 participated in a ropes rescue class, Ropes 1. Below are images from the final class.

Mutual Aid — Dwelling Fire: June 18, 2009

At 20:50, Centre County 911 alerted fire box 124 in Spring Township for a dwelling fire on Green Street. Rescue 818 responded immediately. Upon
arrival on scene, 818 was assigned RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) duties. 818 remained on-scene through the duration of the incident, approximately, 2 hours.

Mutual Aid — 2nd Alarm Structure Fire: June 15, 2009

Around 06:30 Hrs, Centre County Fire dispatch alerted Pleasant Gap, that Engine 810 was due to assist
State College (Alpha Fire Department) for a second alarm structure fire in Lemont, at the Lemont House.
810 Responded to the scene, and assisted CO 5 units. 810 returned to station at approximately 08:30 Hrs.

Box 810 / 826: Motor Vehicle Collision: May 24, 2009

At approximately 1300 hours, Company 8 & Ambulance 8 was alerted to a motor vehicle collision at the intersections of College Avenue and Harrison Road in
Pleasant Gap. While in route, EMS personnel advised Rescue 818 that 1 patient was confined, and extrication would be necessary.
The crew from 818 preformed a door pop on the passenger door of one of the vehicles involved in the collison, assisted EMS with patient
care, and assited with scene cleanup. Units operated for 1/2 hour.

Units: Rescue 818, BLS Ambulance 851, ALS 2554, and BLS Ambulance 2652.

Motor Vehicle Collision: May 1, 2009

Around 9:30 AM, Centre County Communications alerted company 8 for a two vehicle collision in the vincinity of the
Sunset west. 814 and 818 operated on scene for approximately 1/2 Hour.

Motor Vehicle Collision: April 11, 2009

at 10:00 PM, Company 8 units were dispatched to a single motor vehicle collision at the intersection of
Sunset Avenue, and South Main Street. 800 (Cheif Royer) Arrived on scene to find a car in the middle of the
intersection with one patient.

The box was held to 814, and units remained on scene for approximately 1 hour.

Mutual Aid CO Alarm: April 09, 2009

Approximately 4:00 PM, Rescue 818 was dispatched to assist company 5 for a possible CO alarm activation.
The crew from 818 assisted crews from the Alphas in a search of the structure. Units operated for approximately
1/2 hour.

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Stand-By: April 5, 2009

Around mid-night Pleasant Gap Engine-Rescue 814 was called to stand-by at Station 5, due to their units being on
a large barn fire. While on stand-by, 814 was called to the Student Book Store, for an Automatic Alarm.

3 Brush Fires in 3 days: March 23, 2009 through March 25, 2009

Minutes after new brush 825 went into service, station 8 was alerted to a field fire on Greensvalley Road in Pleasant Gap.
PD advised fire units responding that a 40×40′ area of a corn field was on fire, and spreading rapidly due to the wind conditions.
Tuesday, Company 8 was alerted for 825 to respond to
assist companies 1 & 2 with a hay bale fire.
Finally, on Wednesday, Company 8 was alerted again to assist Company 5 (Alphas) on a field fire in the vicinity of the Verizon garage
in Benner Township.

First Due: Box 810 Dumpster Fire: March 12, 2009

At 8:24 PM Pleasant Gap Volunteers were alerted to a dumpster fire at 100 N. Daniel Drive. Assistant Chief 803 (Shade) arrived on scene and reported flames showing.

Units operated on scene for less than 1/2 Hour.

Units: Engine 810, Tanker 819, and 803 had command.

Mutual Aid: March 1, 2009

At 11:30 PM, Company 4 (Centre Hall), was alerted to a large barn fire on Centry Drive in Potter Township. Engine 810 and Tanker 819 were
on the first box assignment. 810 Responded with a full crew, and was immediately put to work upon arrival on scene, operating master stream
and later handlines in the supression operation. 819 was assigned to the water shuttle operations.
Pleasant Gap units were released around 4:00 AM.

Shortly after returning to quarters, 810 was called again to stand-by at Company 5 (Alphas), who were operating on their own large incident.

First Due Vehicle Fire: Feburary 23, 2009

Right around 11:00 AM, The Pleasant Gap Fire Co. was alerted to a vehicle fire in Spring Township at the intersections of State Route 26 and
East College Avenue, in the vincity of Maxwell’s Trucking. Ambulance 850 arrived first on scene, and notified the county that smoke was evident.
Minutes later, Chief 800 arrived on scene and reported a fully involved vehicle.

The box was held to Engine 810, Ambulance 850, and Tanker 819. Units were on scene for approximately 30 minutes.

Mutual Aid: Dwelling Fire: January 21, 2009

Shortly after 5:00 PM, Pleasant Gap’s engine and tanker were dispatched to a
fire in an attached garage on Meadow Flower Lane in Bellefonte’s district.
Engine 810 and Tanker 819 responded. The crew from 810 assisted on-scene for the duration of the incident. Later in the incident,
Rescue 818 was dispatched to the scene for man-power and the cascade system. Units operated for
Approximately 2 Hours.

Flue Fire: January 14, 2009

At approximately 8:00 AM, Pleasant Gap Fire was alerted to a possible chimney fire on Herman Lane in
our first due.
Rescue 818, Engine 810, Truck 216, and Ambulance 852 operated on scene for about one hour.

Mutual Aid: January 12, 2009

At approximately 12:30 AM Engine Rescue 814 was alerted to assist Co. 5 for a large structure fire at Heritage Realty.
Units operated on scene for several hours.

Large Mulch Fire: January 2, 2009

Around 5:00 PM, Pleasant Gap Fire personnel were alerted to a large mulch fire. Luckily, a heavy-equipment operator was available, and moved the piles
of mulch for better extinguishment. Units on scene — 810, 818, 825, 819. Units operated for approximately 4 hours

Mutual Aid: Flue Fire: January 2, 2009

At approximately 7:30 AM, Pleasant Gap Volunteers were alerted to assist Centre Hall (Company 4) for a flue fire. Engine 810 responded to the scene
and assisted the crews from Company 4 with extinguishing the flue fire. Units were on-scene for approximately 2 hours

Units on scene: Engine 413, Engine / Rescue 414, Tanker 419, and Engine 810.

2008 Totals

In 2008 Pleasant Gap Volunteers responded to 203 Fire Calls.