Icey Roads Bring several Motor Vehicle Collisions to the region

Starting around 9:00 AM, Centre County Emergency Communications Centre began to get swamped with multiple reports of vehicle collisions. Pleasant Gap was dispatched to multiple vehicle collisions on South Main Street, and an Accident on College Avenue. Also, Pleasant Gap Fire police were dispatched to close Centre Hall Mountain.

Pleasant Gap EMS was also very busy during this time, with all three ambulances committed to assist in many incidents.

Units operated for approximately 3 hours.

Officer Election Results

This past Wednesday (9-December), the members of the Pleasant Gap Fire Company elected their officers for 2010.

Chief (800): Gary Royer
Ambulance Captain (860): Frank Kachurak
Fire Police Captain: Steve Snook
President: Rick Meyers
First Vice President: Norm Weber
Second Vice President: Brian Shade
Recording Secretary: Gregg Heny
Treasurer: Scott Meyers
Financial Secretary: Tom Shade
Trustee (2 new this year): Joe Ault, and Ray Smith

Pleasant Gap EMS — Another excellent month

Last Month (November) Pleasant Gap EMS was dispatched to over 80 emergency responses with no turn overs. Our EMS regularly has no turn overs in a month. We would not be able to do this without the dedication of our Paid EMTs, Volunteer EMTs and staff, and the officers for EMS.

Interested in becoming a volunteer for Pleasant Gap Fire Company? Contact the station at 814.359.2102

Series of calls over the holiday weekend

Over the holiday weekend, several calls were reported to Station 8 by Centre County Communications.

The first, was to assist along with Centre Hall, the Boalsburg and Alpha fire companies with a second alarm dwelling fire. Engine / Rescue 814 and Rescue 818 were dispatched. units remained on scene for about 2 hours

A motor vehicle collision occurred within Company 8’s district on Friday.

Sunday, Company 8 was dispatched to 200 N. Danielle drive for an automatic alarm, no fire was found.

Pictures from these incidents

Furnace Malfunction

At 6:55 Centre County Emergency Communications center alerted Pleasant Gap (Company 8) for a possible dwelling fire, for a structure filled with smoke and alarm activation. Chief 800 arrived on scene and determined the cause to be a furnace malfunction. Personnel ventilated the structure, and were on-scene for approximately and hour and a half.

Units on Scene:
Rescue 818, Engine / Rescue 814, Ambulance 850

Command: Chief 800

Dwelling Fire: Mutual Aid 10/16/2009

Around 1:00 in the afternoon, Centre County Emergency Communications Center alerted Cos 1,2, and 8 for a dwelling fire in Bellefonte, on High Street. Rescue 818 responded to the scene for a RIT assignment. Crews from company 8 staged the RIT tools, and were prepared if RIT was needed. Another portion of the crew assisted in the suppression activities. Company 8 units were released around 3:00 pm.

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Other: Flurry of calls due to severe weather

Pleasant Gap Fire Rescue EMS have been busy today, due to many issues with trees and wires. An early season snow storm has dumped several inches of very heavy wet snow across the region. Since the leaves have not dropped from the trees, this causes a very hazardous situation, as the weight of the snow and leaves causes weak branches to break from the trees. Caution is urged for persons traveling today. Be weary of heavy laden trees.

For more information on this storm, please refer to your favorite weather source.

“State College National Weather Service”:

Auto Alarm: 4-October-2009

At 14:40 hrs on Sunday, Pleasant Gap Emergency Services were alerted by the Centre County Communications Center of an automatic fire alarm activation at the elementary school in Pleasant Gap.

Engine Rescue 814, Ambulance 852, and Rescue 818 responded to the school. Personnel from the engine and rescue preformed a 360 of the building, checking with the Thermal Imaging Camera for hot spots until the building key-holder gave access to the building. After finding normal conditions, 840 and 801 released company 8 with nothing found.

Units operated on scene for 1 hour.