2014 Officers

The Pleasant Gap Fire Company Officers for 2014 are: President – Rick Meyers 1st Vice President – Norm Weber 2nd Vice President – Brian Shade Treasurer – Scott Meyers Financial Secretary – Rick Sherettz Recording Secretary – Gregg Heny Trustees … Continue reading

Automatic Alarm at the Oaks

On June 10, at 5:25pm, the Pleasant Gap Fire Company responded to an automatic alarm at 400 Rhoads Drive, part of The Oaks retirement community. Engine 810, Rescue 818 and Ambulance 8 responded. Upon investigation, it was found that the … Continue reading

Gun Raffle Results

Thank you all for participating in the Pleasant Gap Fire Company annual gun raffle. The winners were:   Fred A. Gummo, Jr. (Bellefonte, PA) Dennis Paul (Halifax, PA) Lanny Bird (Bellefonte, PA) Tim Winck (Bellefonte, PA) Keith Geiswite (Bellefonte, PA) … Continue reading