Paid EMT Positions

The Pleasant Gap Fire Company’s ambulance is staffed by volunteers, full-time and part-time paid staff.  As such, we are what is known as a “Combination Service”.  Our ambulances are crewed by a mixture of paid and volunteer staff members who perform job duties according to their training and certification levels as determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Management of our EMS Service is performed by volunteers, with an Ambulance Captain, several Assistant Ambulance Captains and an Ambulance Committee of several fire company members who handle governance and oversight of the service.

From time-to-time, the company solicits applications for Part-Time and Full-Time Emergency Medical Technicians.  To be considered for a paid position with our service, an applicant should meet the qualifications below:

  • PA EMT-B
  • CPR/Pro/Healthcare Provider with AED
  • Hazmat Operations level
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Course
  • Valid driver’s license

Recommended: At least 12 months verifiable service as a crew chief (primary responsibility for patient care) on a BLS service in either paid or volunteer status.

The application for employment can be found here:


Return the application via U.S. Mail to:

Ambulance Committee
Pleasant Gap Fire Company
475 Robinson Lane
Pleasant Gap, PA  16823

If you have questions, you can email the Ambulance Committee at